A Poor Golfer & A Common Mistake You Will Always Find

Strangely enough, a lousy golfer is so consistent in making mistakes and playing poorly that it encourages other bad golf and dissatisfaction.


A bad golfer, in reality, ignores or isn’t aware of what must be the single most crucial component of the golf swing. Before the swing, this is the setup or positioning.


It makes no difference how well you swing or how much you’ve employed the right technique. You will be able to tell when you have hit the ball if you are a lousy golfer if you do not pay attention to your swing.

You can bet that most poor golfers aren’t aware of how crucial the setup is because none of the great players are. The likelihood of making a good shot is really great if you set up properly for it. Your setup is so crucial that even if you swing badly in a decent setup position, you will still likely hit a passable shot.


You may attain a nice posture and the kind of equilibrium that will help you keep your balance and, consequently, control throughout the shot, with the aid of a solid setup.

Correct training and, even more crucially, exercise and conditioning of the muscles you employ throughout your entire body for the swing go hand in hand with the proper setup. A poor golfer is typically the kind of person who does not do golf-specific activities to advance their game. Because they will usually feel uncomfortable in both, the end result is that they won’t even be able to discern the difference between a good setup position and a terrible one.

It is amazing but true that all it takes to elevate you quickly from the majority of lousy golfers to the ranks of a good golfer is a straightforward training regimen, most of which you can complete while working from your office.

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