Best Fish Finder: GPS-Enabled Fish Finder That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Consider being able to detect fish activity beneath your boat. It would spare you from casting into lifeless water for hours. You can see clearly what is below with the help of an Eagle fishfinder, allowing you to decide when to cast or move on.


The Cuda 168 is among the greatest fish finders available for people trying to locate their fish without spending a fortune. The 168 EX is a system that is jam-packed with functionality. Here are a few characteristics that you can proudly claim as your own.

The screen size of the Cuda is 4.5 inches diagonally. High definition, 168 vertical pixel resolution, lighted keypad, and 4-level grayscale system are all features of this device. What does it all mean? You will receive a clear representation of what is visible below the water’s surface. You will be able to clearly view the images that your sonar is producing. You will find it to be a tremendous aid when out on the lake because of its clarity, which is one of its primary selling points.

800 watts of power and 600 feet of sonar depth are available. This is ideal for small lakes or for exploring the depths of a larger lake. It contains a very sensitive, high performance, 60-degree fish detecting technology that will clearly show you where your fish are hiding below. With this sonar, you additionally obtain additional characteristics that will aid to improve its caliber. For instance, Grayline enables you to view your fish even if it is lurking on the ground or up against a neighboring building. You might not have seen it without this.

To reel in your fish, you simply need to know where he is, how deep he is, and what his next move will be. It will assist you in doing that.

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A simple, quick connect and disconnect capability is also a part of the Cuda 168. Dealing with a jumble of cords is the worst, and this solution does away with that.


This Eagle Cuda is a fantastic value because it has so much to offer!

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