Bow Hunting Wild Turkey

Wild turkey bow hunting can be challenging, but with the right preparation and persistence, it can be a successful and enjoyable activity.

This specific style of hunting may be quite exciting and lucrative if done properly, despite not being very well known among hunters. Because it requires patience and ability to hunt wild turkeys with a bow, few hunters attempt this challenging endeavor. Consider your experience bow hunting for wild turkeys as a season of spring training if you’re a big game enthusiast. We provide you with the following advice for this specific kind of hunting:

First, let’s talk about draw weight: a self-assured bow hunter will always select a draw weight that won’t impair his ability to take an accurate shot, regardless of the situation. We advise utilizing a bow scale to determine the draw weight of the bow. In rare circumstances, the strong vibrations created by the shot might change the limb bolts and lighten the draw weight.

Second, broadheads: it’s crucial to place the shot when hunting wild turkeys. The wild turkey’s vitals are around the size of a grapefruit, in contrast to the vast majority of major sporting events. Many novice hunters make the error of first using field tips on their arrows before switching to broadheads on the actual hunt day. Long before the hunt, it is essential to practice shooting with broadheads. Be cautious to check the diameter limitations your state imposes before the hunting day in relation to this matter.

Moving on, three of the most vital aspects for you bow hunting success are: sight system, bowstring and the arrow rest. As most of you know, pins tend to slide up and down and eventually bend and break, this problem also occurs with the frames that serve for protection. Don’t forget to give your bowstring a once-over the moment you have finished tinkering with your sights. Remember to look for cut strands because they can lead to inefficient shooting and God forbid, dangerous situations if the string breaks during the shot. Apply wax to your string on a regular basis and check the arrow rest in order to make sure that nothing has moved/loosened since your last hunting expedition. The arrow rests are very important as they can affect the flight of the arrow.

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Many hunters make the error of not putting the nock set into careful consideration. The arrow’s flight when it comes off the string can be changed by even the smallest up or down movement where the arrow touches the string. To determine the precise location on the bowstring where the nock set allows for the most effective arrow flight, we advise utilizing a bow square.

Being an effective bow hunter requires dedication because placement is so important while using a bow to hunt wild turkey. In comparison to hunters who use an old-style shotgun, all turkey hunters who use a bow must alter their hunting strategies because shotgunners may simply flop down at the nearest tree the width of their back and effortlessly build effective shooting lanes. The best setups are ones that have been carefully considered in advance because a normal bow hunter cannot afford this luxury.

Additionally, as they say, practice makes perfect. If you are unsure about your bow hunting abilities, practicing will help you become more proficient overall. Keep in mind that you should shoot from both sitting and kneeling positions because, in actual combat, you won’t often have the chance to shoot a turkey from a standing posture, though a few bullets from that position won’t do any harm.

Overall, bow hunting wild turkeys requires a lot of patience and experience, but with the right instruction, it may provide the thrill that many hunting aficionados seek.


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