Cycling Jerseys and Shoes: How to Buy Cycling Jerseys, Shoes And Other Bike Clothing Online

Until recently, you could only purchase cycling gear from your neighborhood bike store, assuming they had what you wanted in stock or hoped they could order it. After that, you would have to wait for it to arrive and cross your fingers that it was the proper size, color, and price. Then advertisements for the larger stores began to appear in cycling magazines, and you could mail a check and wait for your valued item to come. The situation could not be simpler right now. You are at home watching the Tour de France on television when you see your favorite rider attack the rugged Alpe-d’Huez slopes. What are those hot carbon cranks he is sporting? Which brand are they? Do they resemble FSA, Campagnolo, or Stella Azurra? What will their price be? What stores carry them? So, go online, enter the name of that thing into your search engine, and watch what results appear. Making comparisons of all the equipment, which you probably won’t be able to do at your local bike shop, and ordering everything online can be almost as exciting as riding your bike up mountains. The worst part of the process is waiting for it to come.

The majority of websites can link you to a retail outlet once you’ve found the bike parts you really want. From there, you can use your credit card to order the products online or see if a store close to where you live carries what you’re looking for. All of the top cycling components, clothing, frames, and cycle manufacturers have their own websites. This is recommended for clothing items because different manufacturers’ shorts and jersey sizes can result in uncomfortable fit issues. Visit your local sports or cycle shop to try on your preferred size, and if everything is fine, you can purchase it right away. If not, but the price is better, you can order it online, pay for it, and wait for it to be delivered to your home.

How to wear comfortable cycling shoes

There are many cycling shoes on the market, and finding the right ones for you can be hard. Look them up on the web, go through the search engine or if you have a particular make in mind, find them online and if you can’t try some in a shop, this is best, because size can be a problem, one manufacturer size 9 could be a half size bigger or smaller than another company, and most of the best cycling shoes are Italian, so remember that European sizes are very different from American or English sizes, and German shoes are wider and Italian shoes are narrower and you may be looking for a size 44 or 45, so try as many different shoes you can and then make your decision. Very importantly with shoes is which pedal system you are using, Look, Shimano, Campagnolo, Time and all the other systems have different fittings on the sole of the shoe, check up which they have on the shoe manufacturers web-site and then it should then be safe to order them online.

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An other good and very important item you could look for online is a cycle helmet, as with most cycling goods there are many different helmets on the market, some times the helmets you see on the heads of the professionals are difficult to find, but anything is possible on the net, just type it in and away you go, it may be that just the helmet you are looking for is available in Holland, get it ordered, it may take some time to come but if its what you want it’ll be worth it. Sizes of helmets, like shoes can vary, so if it is possible to try before you buy, then make sure it’s a comfortable fit, the big difference between cycle shoes and helmets is that helmets come with different pads to go inside so you can make the helmet fit exactly, which could help if you’ve ordered the wrong size, this is not something you can do with cycling shoes.


If you know the top tube length of your current bike, you can compare it online with the design dimensions on the manufacturer’s website and determine what size to order from your local bike shop or an online supplier. With the new sloping frame designs, it can be difficult to know which size to order because each frame designer has their own ideas for what is best. Since this is likely the most significant and expensive item you’ll purchase for cycling, online shopping will help you ensure that you get the best option.


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