Golf: 5 Ways To Enjoy Golf More

We all enjoy playing golf, but occasionally it can ruin an otherwise pleasant stroll. These suggestions will help you enjoy golf more.

  1. Avoid the blue tees.

Why bother making the golf course harder than it already is unless you have a handicap of at least 10 or lower? Making the course more challenging on purpose is pointless if you are shooting in the 90s or triple digits. Play from the white tees to eliminate the added amount of worry.

  1. Make your lie better

There is no way you should play by the rigid rules of golf while you are playing a game for fun. At golf courses around the world, a round of golf takes at least six hours. After hitting their first ball out of bounds, golfers would spend the entire day going back to the tees or spending five minutes looking for each lost ball. So why not break the rules to make your lie better, something you can actually gain from, if we are going to bend them to save time? Play the winter rules constantly.

  1. Play a variety of games

Instead playing the same match with your buddies, compete in other categories other than score.  Some examples would be:

Most fairways hit

Least amount of 3 putts

Most 1 putts


  1. Take it if it is in your honor

You just made a birdie putt on the toughest (or easiest) hole on the golf course; take advantage of the opportunity; it’s yours. Challenge yourself to make another one; you’ll be astonished at how frequently you can make two consecutive birdies if you put some effort into it.


5. Reduce your expectations

In addition to playing golf twice a week, if you’re lucky, the average golfer doesn’t practice as much as they ought to. You cannot sincerely believe that your game falls short of expectations. Don’t worry about winning or losing; just focus on having fun while playing. Even professionals have off days.

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