Hunting Season: Getting Ready For The Goose Hunting Season

Before the geese hunting season begins, a hunter must complete a number of tasks. Before the hunting season begins, every hunter must cope with a number of these concerns, which are covered in this article.

Scouting is recommended if you intend to hunt geese in the early season to identify the places where the birds prefer to rest and the locations of the essential food supplies. Check which of the nearby wet waters have water in them and which of these wet locations the geese use for resting if you intend to hunt on the water.

If you’re going to hunt on land, be sure to look around to see what crops are growing in the neighboring fields. You must bear in mind that farmers typically cycle their crops, such as last year’s maize, this year’s beans, rice, or wheat the following year, so it is highly advised to be aware of which fields are planted with the appropriate crops beforehand.

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Always remember to choose a feeding area when hunting geese because these areas are densely crowded. Also remember to get permission from the landowner beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It is advised to purchase the closest available land if, regrettably, the feeding location has already been leased to someone else or the owner won’t permit anyone to hunt on his land. The location should be as close as possible to the feeding area.

Finding an available hunting location is becoming increasingly difficult as goose and duck hunting become more and more popular ( especially for goose ). If you are aware of a goose feeding area, we advise you to get hunting licenses there well in advance of the season. If you want exclusive access, you can think about helping the owner out by doing some work around the property or by dropping a few birds off each time you leave.

Unfortunately, there are situations when renting the land is the only option. The best course of action is to round up some pals and secure a lease if the rent is too expensive and you can’t afford it. We advise a longer-term lease if you attract a sizable number of hunters each year. Writing a lease request, giving the landowners a few birds as a gift, or giving them a gift certificate for dinner are a few things you can do to get exclusive rights.

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If the landowner permits it, make sure to post ” No Hunting ” signs once you have secured exclusive rights to the area. Close all the gates, pick up all the shotgun shells, and don’t leave any garbage lying around if you want to keep the owner happy. Make cautious not to leave blinds or decoys in the field where they could be harmed by agricultural machinery or, worse, could cause the machinery to fail, which we are sure you wouldn’t want to happen.

Generally, finish all the preparations well in advance of the start of the season to avoid any unpleasant shocks. We can tell you that if you go cautiously, your hunting days will be both thrilling and successful.


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