Hunting Turkeys: Advice For Turkey Hunters

Although you might not realize it, turkey hunting is a challenging sport. Due of their keen vision and average intellectual level, turkeys require patience and skill to hunt successfully.

It may have become clear to you as a beginner or intermediate turkey hunter that it’s more difficult than it seems. Despite its name, the wild turkey is a challenging animal for a hunter to chase and take down. Despite having a silly moniker, turkeys are quite intelligent and have excellent vision. A hunter may need a lot of practice to develop the skills necessary to approach and approach a turkey slowly. But having the advantage of an effective camouflage can drastically improve your odds when turkey hunting. Due of the reduced visibility for the turkeys, the hunter is now able to get closely enough to fire a shot.

Effective Camouflage for Hunters

The Ghillie suit, which was created more than 150 years ago in Scotland’s highlands, is the most effective sort of camouflage available for hunters on the field. It is a suit that you can wear over your regular clothing to substantially change your form and reduce how noticeable you are to wild creatures. It is quite difficult for game to find you because the outfit is covered in loose strands of fabric like jute or burlap. By integrating the human pattern and form, this makes people disappear into their environment. Ghillie camouflage can be so effective that game may approach a hunter who is standing still right away.

A ghillie suit’s ability to disassemble human forms confuses a turkey’s keen vision. To properly hunt a turkey, one must approach close enough for a kill shot to prevent an injured bird from fleeing into the woods. By creeping slowly and remaining low to the ground, a person stalking the turkeys can close the distance between themselves and a group of turkeys.

The Best Time to Hunt Turkeys

The greatest time to look for turkeys is in the evening when they are preparing to roost. A turkey is quite challenging to stalk. In fact, if you see a turkey in the field, there’s a strong chance it’s already noticed you. They are challenging to stalk since they not only have excellent long-distance vision, but also have a wide field of vision. To observe the entire area and keep other animals from creeping up behind them, a group of turkeys would frequently face each other in circles.

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In a densely populated turkey region, waiting in one spot while remaining stationary for an extended period of time can be a relatively slow task. There’s also a possibility that before you get a chance to obtain a decent shot, a group of suspicious turkeys will see you the instant you move and send you running. You can approach a flock of turkeys, but it might take some perseverance and cunning. You could get those turkeys for good with a good gun, a ghillie suit, and a strong turkey call.


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