The Benefits Of A Golf Handicap

If you want to get better at golf, you must learn how to use the golf handicap system. Golf handicaps allow you to compete in local tournaments against players with higher skill levels. You can obtain a golf handicap at every course that is worth its salt. As long as you accurately enter your scores, your golf handicap serves as a reliable indicator of your game.

The USGA is the sole organization that has the formula for the golf handicap system, which takes into account your average score, the difficulty of the course you are playing, and a few other factors. Every golf course has a course handicap that specifies how many strokes are required to complete the course at scratch level.

You can use all of this information to get a more accurate idea of your golf skills. If you had a 7 handicap and wanted to play a match against a scratch golfer, who has a score of zero, you would be given 7 strokes, one for each of the first 7 most challenging holes on the course. It’s as if he gave you a lead of seven strokes or seven holes in match play.

Considering that golf is suppose to be a gentlemen’s game, it is very important to post legitimate scores.  There also are restrictions on how many strokes you can take on any given hole.  As an example, if you have less than a 10 handicap, you cannot turn in a score card that has any score over double bogey.  That is to try and keep sanbaggers from inflating their handicap so they can get more strokes when playing in golf tournaments.

You will realize how challenging it is to achieve a low handicap once you have posted enough scores and calculated your golf handicap. The movement of your handicap requires more than one game of golf. You shouldn’t be concerned if you have a horrible day on the course because it takes at least two or three rounds for your handicap to actually change. Your golf handicap will decrease if you hit a rough patch and are unable to correct the issues with your swing.


The golf handicap system is a terrific method to compare yourself to other golfers, sandbaggers and all. Once registered, you can go in to the system online to view posted scores for anyone who is handicapped.


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