Tips For Efficient Coyote Hunting

The thrill of chasing coyotes through the woods is one of the reasons that coyote hunting is growing in popularity among hunters. Given that coyotes are well-known for having high intelligence, it takes quick thinking and dexterous hands to catch them. The following advice will come in handy just in time:

Tip No.1 : The first thing you should try to do is get rid of your fragrance. If you are unable to do so, coyotes will observe you from a decent distance because they have extremely sensitive noses.


Tip No.2 : Be careful when you choose your gun, this is one of the most important tips you should take into consideration. Many experienced hunters use the Mini Bolt.22 or the Big Boy Special Editions, it depends on the hunter  prefers.


Tip No.3 : Choose the proper camouflage pattern for the nature conditions in which you will do your hunting. No matter what type of pattern you will choose it is highly advisable to sit near trees or bushes so that your chances of  being spotted will be as low as possible.


Tip No.4 : If you call correctly, it can be highly effective. There are a plethora of items available on the market for you to choose from. Whatever you decide, make careful not to call too loudly, which is a common error among hunters. Never overdo it; instead, keep it moderate. Remember to remain patient and give the coyote enough time to answer to your call. It depends on each hunter; some favor mouth blowing, while others prefer electronic calls.

Tip No.5 : It involves movement. You must do everything that you can to keep your movement at a minimum level. The coyote is a very perceptive animal and will surely observe you before you observe him, so try to stand still most of the time.


Tip No.6 : Decoys can increase your effectiveness if you know how to employ them. You have a choice of using a realistic coyote decoy or a rabbit decoy, among other options. Decoys are useful because they divert focus from the hunter and place it on the decoy, increasing your chances of getting a better shot.

Tip No.7 : One of the newest trends in coyote hunting is using dogs. Choosing the proper dog can be a real problem. Some say that the American Staghound is the best choice, some say that the Plott Hound is the most efficient, it all depends on the dogs because not all dogs are the same; it depends on the breed, the way that they were trained and others as well.


Tip No.8 : Even though it can be more challenging, nighttime hunting can be more exciting. Before nighttime hunting, there are a few things you should be aware of: The coyotes can’t be seen as easily at night as they can during the day owing to your limited vision, the wind is typically lower at night, and the shot is more difficult because you won’t be able to see the target completely. You should plan your shot ahead of time, be aware of the wind and the backside, and use your light effectively at night.

I hope these ideas will be helpful to you when you are out in the woods coyote hunting. Use the greatest hunting dogs and the right tools (calls, decoys, firearms) when going on a coyote hunt since, as you are all aware, coyotes have a tendency to flee when you least expect it.

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